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Are you buying the right masks?

china face mask kn95 medical mask surgical mask

About 50% of the world's protective masks are made in China. It's very possible to get high quality PPE - so it's important that you know what you're buying and that it comes from a legit manufacturer. Otherwise, you may be getting PPE made in someone's mom and pop shop.
There are 3 categories of surgical-style face masks made in China:
Type 1: Medical Surgical Masks. These have 3 layers, with a meltblown filter in the middle with 95-99% BFE (bacterial filtration efficiency). These are hospital-grade, guarding against fluid and blood splatter. They can only be produced by professional and accredited manufacturers, some who have GMP Class Cleanrooms, and some who offer sterilized masks.
Type 2: Single-Use Medical Masks. Similar to Type 1. Three layers with a middle meltblown filter layer rated 95-99% BFE. These are also hospital-grade and produced in professional facilities, and may be offered sterilized. These masks are not meant to guard against fluids and blood splatters.
Type 3: Face Masks. These can be produced anywhere by anyone. They are an unregulated item produced in potentially unregulated facilities. They can have 1, 2, or 3 layers and look exactly the same as the Medical Masks. These are the majority of masks freely available in the market right now and can go for $0.20-1.00/mask. If you're going to buy these masks, just save your money and wear a cloth mask or a folded scarf. Your cloth mask won't filter pathogens that well, but at least you'll know how well you've cleaned your own mask.

You have peace of mind knowing the masks we offer are true medical masks, sterilized and distributed to hospitals in Asia. The manufacturer has been operating since 1995 and is one of the few who operate a GMP Class 100,000 Cleanroom. That's also why they're not $0.50. We have been distributing across the country and healthcare professionals are telling us our KN95 Masks and Medical Masks are well priced or even inexpensive compared to their longtime distributors. We are happy we're able to provide them for the general public.

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